Royal Animal Health University, the founders, lecturers, presenters and staff will not be held liable in respect to any information, instruction or advice given to any attendees, students, or practitioners, whether directions given at any time in any situation are followed or not. The courses are provided for general informational advice and guidance purposes only, anyone carrying out or recommending any treatment for any patient must accept full responsibility for such consultation or treatment.

RAHU reserves the right to make any changes at any time to policy, syllabus, lecturers, guidelines, schedules, costs, administration fees, etc. and any provision contained in the website, course, or any online brochure or printed material.

RAHU also reserves the right to cancel, postpone or consolidate any course with or without advance notice. Enrolled students will be notified of any course changes in as timely a manner as practical, and any fees collected by RAHU will be applied to a subsequent course or refunded to the student when practical.
In absence of written opposition from student, RAHU will automatically add student information and details to the RAHU mailing lists and will make use of such data for internal purposes only.