The Royal Animal Health University Certification Course is a multi-modal approach to integrative health care and animal wellness for all students: animal lovers, industry professionals, veterinary technicians and veterinarians. The certification involves both virtual and hands-on learning opportunities and provides a certification in integrative animal care through RAHU.

This course is for non-vets. If you are a veterinarian or vet tech please check out the Vet Focused Certified Integrative Animal Caregiver (CIACV).

What is different about our integrative healthcare approach and why learn with us?

We have been teaching pet lovers, industry professionals, techs and veterinarians for the last 20 years. Our dynamic educators bring expertise and enthusiasm as they present effective modalities and techniques for integrative health care.

CIAC for all Students: There are 10 core modules and many electives available in the certification course. In completing this certification, students will develop a practical understanding of the natural causes of health for each species and the ability to navigate through the many healthcare options available for animals. This body of knowledge we will create a more educated and proactive healthcare partnership between veterinary caregivers, pet parents and the animal industry.

CIAC offers our introduction to integrative veterinary care options for health without the internship hours that are otherwise required if you are a vet or vet tech. In addition, instead of learning to be a formulator of complete and balanced diets for pets, we will formulate for you via access to a year of our Animal Diet Formulator recipe subscription service. This subscription delivers a recipe a week to your inbox with an emphasis on nutrient variety and whole foods, formulated for either a dog or cat. For more information please visit:

    1.    Causes Of Health For Animals - Structure, Function And Biome From Nose To Tail
    2.    Wild Health Nutrition/Integrative Veterinary Nutrition
    3.    Vaccination And Common Conditions, From Causes To Options
    4.    Physical Rehabilitation
    5.    Animal Restraint
    6.    What's In Your Emergency Kit?
    7.    Cancer And Other Solvable Conditions
    8.    Integrative Modalities And Supplement Overview
    9.    End Of Life, Hospice & Transition
    10.    Environmental Impact & Responsibility

    1.    Geriatric Care
    2.    Starting Well - Puppy/Kitten Care
    3.    Brain Development, Learning, Mentation, Cognitive, Socialization, Structures & Species
    4.    Oral Options And Interactions From The Pharmacy To The Garden
    5.    Optimizing Vet Visits And Treatments
    6.    Improving Financial Aspects Of Animal Care
    7.    Self-care For Healers
    8.    Maintenance And Daily Husbandry
    9.    Basic Hormone System Actions And Interactions
    10.    Organ System Actions And Issues
    11.    Genetic/Breed Predispositions & Treatments
    12.    Treat Making And Recipes
    13.    Salve And Topical Making And Recipes
    14.    Disease Focused Nutrition And Care

Students in the RAHU courses also become part of our vibrant community of animal caregivers who mentor, support, encourage, and advocate for integrative animal healthcare.

Students can come from any background, as the course is useful for caregivers at home, and professionals at work. Courses and testing are geared to accommodate different levels of education and perspectives for each student.

Currently, all available RAHU coursework is RACE approved continuing education (CE) hours for veterinarians and technicians.


To become Certified Integrative Animal Caregiver (CIAC) for all students:

1) The cost of 40 hours of online courses
2) First year subscription to our ADF Recipe Subscription Service
Total Certification cost: $999 One Time Payment or Payment plan of $99 x 11 months ($1089 total)

We also offer On-site Programs - 1-Day and 2-Day Seminars available in our locations throughout the year that can be used as credit hours.

Online Virtual learning - all Courses are available online. Examinations are also online.

Expected hourly volume of home study, including online examinations, to become certified over the 24 months = approximately 60 hours.


Participants must demonstrate evidence of understanding of integrative principles in relationship to 10 Core Topics and chosen electives via online examination within 24 months.

Testing and assessment of learning will be available online as each course is completed.

Those who complete coursework, pass examinations and complete internships according to the RAHU guidelines to meet requirements for Certification in Integrative Animal Health will be provided with an official Certification, and will be included in a social media announcement and their name will be placed in the RAHU on-line database of Certified Caregivers (unless student opts out).


Once you have commenced the training and assessment in this Course, RAHU is committed to completing the delivery of the training within 24 months. If you are unable to complete the course due to illness or extenuating circumstances, we offer an Absence of Leave option and an Extension of Course Time option with application and additional fee (if applicable). It is your responsibility to alert us if you require either of these.

Enjoy the CIAC Program with two different payment options

  • $999.00

    $999.00Certified Integrative Animal Caregiver (CIAC) Certification Program

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  • 11 months @ $99, Total $1089

    11 months @ $99, Total $1089Certified Integrative Animal Caregiver (CIAC) Certification Program

    11 months @ $99, Total $1089