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RAHU Courses provides supplemental learning lectures that may be used for possible CE, RAHU certification and/or edification of our members.

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Supplemental Learning Lectures


From the Roots of Plants to the Roots of Cancer: Solving Health Issues for Pets and their Caregivers (Live Event)

From the Roots of Plants to the Roots of Cancer: How Food Can Affect Health Issues. • Why cancer is not just a genetic disease


Coping with Cancer in Pets and Ketogenic Diets

Video Series from Top Speakers on Coping with Cancer and Ketogenic Diets.


Wild Health Nutrition

On April 8-9, 2017, the top names in healthy pet nutrition gathered at RAHU's San Luis Obispo, CA location to teach the most practical, helpful and feasible ways to feed a wildly healthy pet.


What's in your emergency kit?

Review Basic emergencies by location, body system, and relative emergent status.


Certified Integrative Animal Caregiver (CIAC) Certification Program

OPEN FOR PREREGISTER. Multi-modal approach to integrative health care and animal wellness for all students